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ProCut 8
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ProCut 8 plus   ProCut 8 junior

ProCut 8 junior is without a doubt the easiest way to connect your cutting plotter with your favorite graphics software. ProCut 8 junior has no layout or design functions but has all the cutting controls which makes ProCut the obvious choice for signmakers around the world.

ProCut 8 junior can import vector graphics for cutting from almost all other graphics software. From Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator you can transfer immages with only one click.

ProCut 8 junior shows exactly how the sign is cut on the vinyl, and with the unique vinyl editing you can move and rotate parts so that the waste of material is minimized.

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User friendly and easy to understand software.
Program window
Split the graphics with overlapping and move parts to save film.
Split graphics to save vinyl.

Transfer graphics to and from other software with one click.
Cut copies with a minimum of vinyl usage.
  With Automatic rotation, you can cut every sign with a minimum use of vinyl.
Cut copies with a minimum of vinyl usage.

Copies are automatically placed and rotated for a minimum use of vinyl.
Cut copies with a minimum of vinyl usage.

De-select empty stretches of vinyl to save material.
Deselect empty spaces to reduce vinyl consumption.

Rotate and move parts to save film.Move parts to save film.
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