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The Smarter Sign Cutting Software  
ProCut 8
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ProCut 8
- A smarter way to cut signs. Quickly produce signs the way you want them. Design directly in ProCut or use Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator or any other graphics software. Control exactly how every color will be cut. Save time, money and vinyl. Use any cutting plotter you like or continue to use the one you have.
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Upgrade from 69 ProCut 8.5 is here.
Adapted for Corel Draw X7, Illustrator CC and Windows 10.
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Upgrade from 69
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ProCut 8 plus
With ProCut 8 plus you can create the complete sign in one software. The program has all the design and layout tools that you need. You can also open bitmap graphics or scan logos and convert them into cuttable vector graphics.

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ProCut 8 junior
ProCut 8 junior has all the same functions for cutting as ProCut 8 plus. With a few clicks you can cut the sign exactly as you want and the smart vinyl editing tools will save you lots of money.

Beställ   ProCut 8 junior

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ProCut NOW!
News and articles about ProCut.

Your new sign cutting software is here

Now there is a smarter way to cut your signs. New functions for optimized copies and automatic rotation let you cut more signs from every vinyl roll without any extra effort. The new ProCut 8 is also adapted for Corel DRAW X6 and Adobe Illustrator CS6 and it runs in the new Windows 8.

  ProCut 8

ProCut 8 can read graphics from most Illustration and design software, including the new Corel Draw X6 and Adobe Illustrator CS6. The ClikLink™-function that can move graphics between programs with only one click can now be used with these two programs. The program is also adapted for Windows 8 so that you can use ProCut on all of todays PCs.

Upgrade to ProCut 8 and get:

- Automatic rotation. You can save 50% of the vinyl with one click.
- Optimized copies. The software calculates the optimal placement and rotation for sign copies.
- More vinyl editing options.
- Improved interface.
- Support for Windows 8.
- Device drivers for several new cutting plotters.
- Supports more communication ports.
- Import capabilities for graphics from Corel Draw X6 and Illustrator CS6.
- ClikLink™, move graphics to and from the new versions of Corel Draw and Illustrator with one click.
(ClikLink™ also works with the 64-bit versions).
Cut copies with a minimum of vinyl usage.
Copies are automatically placed and rotated for a minimum use of vinyl.
  Cut copies with a minimum of vinyl usage.
With Automatic rotation, you can cut every sign with a minimum use of vinyl.

Cutting plotter drivers

New cutting plotter drivers are being added continuosly in ProCut. In this list you will find all current models that are supported by the software. If you do not find your cutter in the list? Please contact us and most of the time we will be able to add the cutters that are requested.

Allen Datagraph
Allen Datagraph M824
Allen Datagraph M830
Allen Datagraph M836
Allen Datagraph M840
Allen Datagraph M848
Allen Datagraph M900

Aristo AG 50
Aristo AG 75
Aristo AG 130
Aristomat I 1310
Aristomat I 1317
Aristomat I 1625
Aristograph 600
Aristograph 1200

Benson 1100
Benson 1200
Benson 1300

CSR Graphityp
CSR 45/466
CSR 70/700

Datafont / Destiny
Datafont - Destiny

DGI / NewStar
Omega OM-60

SignPal GRC-50
SignPal GRC-60
SignPal GRC-61
SignPal GRC-76
SignPal GRC-101S
SignPal GRC-132S

Gerber 4
Gerber 750

Graphtec CC200-20
Graphtec CE2000-60
Graphtec CE2000-120
Graphtec CE3000-40
Graphtec CE3000-60
Graphtec CE3000-120
Graphtec CE3000-40 Mk2
Graphtec CE3000-60 Mk2
Graphtec CE3000-120 Mk2
Graphtec CE5000-40 CRP
Graphtec CE5000-60
Graphtec CE5000-120
Graphtec FC2100-50
Graphtec FC2100-60A
Graphtec FC2100-90
Graphtec FC2100-120
Graphtec FC2200-30
Graphtec FC2200-45
Graphtec FC2250-60
Graphtec FC2250-120
Graphtec FC2250-180
Graphtec FC2300-50
Graphtec FC3100-60
Graphtec FC3100-100
Graphtec FC3100-120
Graphtec FC4100-75
Graphtec FC4100-75 Plus
Graphtec FC4100-100
Graphtec FC4100-100 Plus
Graphtec FC4100-130
Graphtec FC4100-130 Plus
Graphtec FC4200-50
Graphtec FC4200-60
Graphtec FC5100-75
Graphtec FC5100-100
Graphtec FC5100-130
Graphtec FC5100-150
Graphtec FC7000-75
Graphtec FC7000-100
Graphtec FC7000-130
Graphtec FC7000-160
Graphtec FC7000-60 Mk2
Graphtec FC7000-75 Mk2
Graphtec FC7000-100 Mk2
Graphtec FC7000-130 Mk2
Graphtec FC7000-160 Mk2
Graphtec FC8000-60
Graphtec FC8000-75
Graphtec FC8000-100
Graphtec FC8000-130
Graphtec FC8000-160


Houston Instruments
Houston Instruments DMP-65C
Houston Instruments DMP-66C
Houston Instruments DMP-67C
Houston Instruments DMP-68C
Houston Instruments DMP-68C
Houston Instruments DMP-100C

Ioline Artpro 3500
Ioline Artpro 3700
Ioline Artpro 4000
Ioline Classic 24"
Ioline Studio 7 24"
Ioline Studio 7 36"
Ioline Studio 8 20"
Ioline Studio 8 30"
Ioline Studio 8 40"
Ioline Studio 8 52"
Ioline Super 88 30"
Ioline Super 88 40"
Ioline Super 88 52"

Mimaki CG-5
Mimaki CG-6
Mimaki CG-9
Mimaki CG-12
Mimaki CG-45
Mimaki CG-50
Mimaki CG-51
Mimaki CG-60
Mimaki CG-60EX
Mimaki CG-60SL
Mimaki CG-60SR
Mimaki CG-60st
Mimaki CG-61
Mimaki CG-75FX
Mimaki CG-75FX II
Mimaki CG-75ML
Mimaki CG-90
Mimaki CG-100EX
Mimaki CG-100LX
Mimaki CG-100
Mimaki CG-101
Mimaki CG-121
Mimaki CG-130
Mimaki CG-130EX
Mimaki CG-130FX
Mimaki CG-130FX II
Mimaki CG-130LX
Mimaki CG-131
Mimaki CG-160FX
Mimaki CG-160FX II

Mutoh Junior Plus
Mutoh Kona 760
Mutoh Kona 1400
Mutoh Kona 1650
Mutoh MC-650S
Mutoh MC-750S
Mutoh MC-1000
Mutoh MC-1000S
Mutoh MC-1300
Mutoh MC-1300S
Mutoh MC-1650
Mutoh SC-550
Mutoh SC-650
Mutoh SC-750
Mutoh SC-850D
Mutoh SC-1000
Mutoh SC-1300
Mutoh SC-1400D
Mutoh SC-Pro 1400
Mutoh SC-Pro 1650
Mutoh TC-650
Mutoh TC-750
Mutoh TC-1000
Mutoh TC-1300
Mutoh XP620
Mutoh XP621
Mutoh XP940
Mutoh XP941
Mutoh XP1250
Mutoh XP1251

Preart CP150


Roland DG
Roland CAMM-1 CM-12
Roland CAMM-1 CM-24
Roland CAMM-1 CM-300
Roland CAMM-1 CM-400
Roland CAMM-1 CM-500
Roland CAMM-1 CX-12
Roland CAMM-1 CX-24
Roland CAMM-1 CX-300
Roland CAMM-1 CX-400
Roland CAMM-1 CX-500
Roland CAMM-1 GX-24
Roland CAMM-1 GX-300
Roland CAMM-1 GX-400
Roland CAMM-1 GX-500
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-900
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-910
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-950
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-960
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1000
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1000 80cm
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1000A
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1000B
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1050
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1100
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1200
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1210
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1410
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1600
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1610
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1800
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1850
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1860
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1900
Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1910
Roland PC-12
Roland PC-50
Roland PC-60
Roland PC-600
Roland PNC-5000
Roland STIKA SCP-89
Roland STIKA STX-7
Roland STIKA SV-8
Roland STIKA SV-12
Roland STIKA SV-15
Roland STIKA Plus STX-8
Roland VersaCAMM SP-300V
Roland VersaCAMM SP-540V

Summagraphics/Houston DMP-100C
Summagraphics SummaCut D15
Summagraphics SummaCut D60
Summagraphics SummaCut D120
Summagraphics D-500
Summagraphics SummaCut D520
Summagraphics T-600
Summagraphics D-610
Summagraphics T-610
Summagraphics SummaCut D620
Summagraphics D-750
Summagraphics SummaSign D750 Pro
Summagraphics T-750
Summagraphics SummaSign T750 Pro
Summagraphics SummaCut D760
Summagraphics D-1000
Summagraphics T-1000
Summagraphics D-1010
Summagraphics SummaSign D1010 Pro
Summagraphics T-1010
Summagraphics SummaSign T1010 Pro
Summagraphics SummaCut D1020
Summagraphics SummaCut D1220
Summagraphics D-1300
Summagraphics T-1300
Summagraphics SummaSign D1400 Pro
Summagraphics SummaSign T1400 Pro
Summa S75 D Series
Summa S75 T Series
Summa S120 D Series
Summa S120 T Series
Summa S140 D Series
Summa S140 T Series
Summa S160 D Series
Summa S160 T Series
Summa SummaCut D75-R
Summa SummaCut D120-R
Summa SummaCut D140-R
Summa SummaCut D160-R

VyTek Gem 24"
VyTek Gem 40"
VyTek Gem 54"

Wild TA30-420
Wild TA10
Wild TA108

Zünd P-1200